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Advanced Piping Programs


Competition Piping

Competition piping demands technical precision and a masterful competency of the fundamentals. For those interested in taking on the challenge of competition Piping and Drumming, we are more than happy preparing you for success.


Piping for Highland Dancing

There is probably nothing more exciting the playing the pipes for dancers. It is a unique skill-set that Burt has extensive experience in and is eager to cultivate in those willing to take on the challenge.

march in (1).jpg

Piobaireachd Music

There is much to say about the ancient tradition of Piobaireachd music, the classical music of the Highland Pipes. It is a haunting music written with no time signature and demanding dedicated study coupled with precision technique to produce some of the most beautiful music composed for the pipes.

Richmond 2017_2.jpg

Individual Piping Skills

For those who simply want to build on their knowledge and perfect their technique, we can work with you to master any number of skills. From tuning, strike-ins, playing technique, tempo, and music theory, we are more than happy to bring you to the next level of piping.

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